Renouned and Humble

Look around our place, and you will find why Cozy Bangkok Place is highly recommended by the guests and the trip advisors around the world.

The Facilities

Make yourself at home with our facilities available for you.
  • 24-hour hi-speed Internet access at the lobby hall.
  • Laundry with dryer service.
  • Small kitchen with utensils to prepare your own light meal.
  • Separated shower room (free toiletries) and toilet for your hygiene.
  • Water-heater in shower rooms.
  • Cable T.V. at the living room.
  • Rest area and sundeck zone to relax your soul.

Services Provided

  • Free internet
  • Washer and dryer
  • Light kitchen
  • Water-heated shower
  • Cable T.V.
  • Sundeck

Cozy Lobby and Kiosk

At the lobby hall, guests can find information or access the web at the computer terminal. Or simply sit quietly and hit the books.

The Light Well

The light well is in the heart of Cozy Bangkok Place. It connects the lobby and the kitchen. Stairs lead you to hallways that go around it in each floor. When lights shines through the roof, the well looks elegantly amazing.


Our rooms

The rooms that promote the rustic feel of the age.
Do you remember the feeling of coming home from the busy day at work? Yes Cozy Bangkok Place is going to make you feel like it, more or less. Our place is set not too close and not too far from the bustling Bangkok city. Being not too far from the road keeps you easy access to the cab rides, the subway, or a short stride to the China Town of Bangkok where you can find great tasting food and interesting experience of exotic life of the old town. Feeling tired? Just come back and rest at our rooms. Set just at the right spot from the noisy traffic, our rooms are cozy and quiet, and does not take long to return to.

Feel-Good-in-the-Morning Kitchen

Our kitchen shall get you start your day with plenty of light. It's surrounded wooden tables and chairs with access door to the back resting area to lull you with some greens. So gather around, read some papers before heading out to see the great Bangkok.

Cozy Sundeck

Replenish your energy at our sundeck on the roof. It's great to catch that cool breeze at dawn or dusk while having a fragrant cup of tea or flavory coffee. We added more greens for extra fresh air and serene atmosphere, and of course, it is furnished with our cozy touch.

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